X-Sensing 2019

Cross-disciplinary Conference on Scientific Analytics.

25 - 29 November 2019, Coffs Harbour, Australia.




Conference Organisers

The conference is being organised by a diverse group of researchers across several disciplines. If you have questions or comments, get in touch with the organisers by emailing organisersREMOVEx-sensingREMOVE.net

Name Organisation Specialism Role
Dr Cormac Purcell MQ, USyd Computer vision, radio astronomy Lead organiser
Dr Paul Butcher NSW DPI Shark monitoring & behaviour Co-organiser
Mr Andrew Colefax NSW DPI, SCU Shark behaviour, drone monitoring & automation Co-organiser
Dr Andrew Walsh GA, MQ Machine learning, python, remote-sensing, astronomy Co-organiser
Ms Odette Subijano MQ e-Research Co-organiser
Ms Anita Petzler MQ Star-formation, Bayesian statistics Co-organiser
Dr Lee Spitler MQ Space science, optical astronomy Co-organiser
Mr James Tocknell MQ Astrophysical simulations, software engineering Brain trust
Dr Brian Ballsun-Stanton MQ Data science, software engineering Brain trust
Dr Ilana Feain CSIRO Medical imaging, astronomy, commercialisation Brain trust
Mr Wilfred Gee MQ Robotic telescopes, software engineering, astronomy Brain trust
Dr Jane Kaczmarek CSIRO Astronomy, radio telescopes, interferometry Brain trust
Dr Sidong Liu MQ Biomedical informatics, medical imaging and machine learning Brain trust
Dr Nuria Lorente MQ-AAO Data science, survey-mode astronomy, scientific software development Brain trust
Mr Richard Miller MQ Scientific Information Technology Brain trust
Dr Ruth Oliver MQ Medical imaging Brain trust
Dr Louise Ord CSIRO Scientific visualisation & analytics Brain Trust
Dr Michael Pracy UTS Data science, visualisation & analytics Brain trust
Dr Simon O'Toole MQ-AAO Data science for large surveys, astronomy Brain trust
Assoc. Prof. Shawn Ross MQ e-Research, archaeology Brain trust
Ms Leigh Staas MQ Smart Green cities Brain trust

Organisation Key:

MQ = Macquarie University
USyd = The University of Sydney
MQ-AAO = Macquarie University - Australian Astronomical Optics
NSW DPI = New South Wales Department of Primary Industries
GA = Geoscience Australia
CSIRO = Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
UTS = University of Technology Sydney