X-Sensing 2019

Cross-disciplinary Conference on Scientific Analytics.

25 - 29 November 2019, Coffs Harbour, Australia.




What is the X-Sensing Conference?

The 'cross-sensing' conference aims to unite scientists from diverse fields with industry professionals and experts in artificial intelligence. The week-long meeting is divided into two parts: a 2-day training workshop and a 3-day cross-disciplinary conference centred on a hack day.

Hack Day: a cross-disiplinary hackathon.

Who is the conference for?

The conference is for data-focused scientists working in a wide variety of fields: astronomy, biology, linguistics, ecology, archaeology, geology, geography, medical imaging, sensors and many others. All these fields face similar 'big data' challenges. The training workshop aims to teach data-science and machine learning techniques. The conference aims to be a cross-disciplinary research accelerator, bootstrapping exciting new science projects.

Why should I come to this conference?

You should definitely come to this conference if:

  • You want to learn how to incorporate machine-learning into your research.
  • You are interested in starting a cross-disciplinary project.
  • You are a creative thinker and want to be inspired by research in other fields.
  • You are considering a career in industry and want to build your network.
  • You want to spend time in a creative environment to spark ideas.

Each field brings unique perspectives so opportunities for cross-pollination will result in advances in new directions and greater efficiency to solve current problems. The conference will help build a dynamic community of industry-connected scientists with the skills to leverage the power of artificial intelligence.


The X-sensing conference is proudly sponsored by:

Our industry partners are sending speakers to inspire you, experts to train you and equipment to help build your project on hack-day.

Contact The Organisers

The conference is being organised by a diverse group of scientists with roots in astronomy and ecology. If you have questions, comments or just want to make a suggestion, please get in touch with the organisers by emailing organisersREMOVEx-sensingREMOVE.net