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Information for Research Students

The Australian Astronomical Observatory not only operates the largest optical/infrared telescope in Australia, but is also the home of one of the country's most vibrant and dynamic astronomical and instrumentation research groups.  AAO astronomers collaborate with astronomers across the globe, are recognized leaders in many areas of research, and are some of Australia's most published astronomers. The AAO's instrument scientists produce some of the world's most innovative and ground-breaking new instrument technologies.

While the Observatory is itself not a degree-granting institution, there are numerous opportunities for students to undertake both short-term and long-term research projects under AAO scientists in observational astronomy, theoretical astronomy and astronomical instrumentation.

Further information about these student programs can be found at the links above. For more details, please feel free to contact A.Prof. Andrew Hopkins (ahopkins -@- aao.gov.au) about AAO Student Fellowships, PhD, or Honours Research in Astronomy at the AAO; Dr Roger Haynes (rh -@- aao.gov.au) for PhD and Honours Research in Instrument Science at the AAO; or Dr Stuart Ryder (sdr -@- aao.gov.au) about Australian Gemini Undergraduate Summer Studentships.

Resources for Students

How to Write Observing Proposals : a Powerpoint97 presentation (272Kb) on how to present your brilliant research ideas in the best possible light.
AAO Observational Techniques Workhop : a workshop on optical/infrared techniques was held 17-20 April 2001. You can obtain copies of the presentations.