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Archived AAO Press Releases Pre-2010

These press releases have been archived for public interest. If you would like to access one of the following and are unable to please contact the AAO at accessible - @ - aao.gov.au so that we may help you.

Date Title
12 Feb 2010 Wander the sky with Fred Watson
14 Dec 2009 New planets found around Sun-like stars
7 Dec 2009 Aussie galaxy survey to lead to "new physics"
14 Oct 2009 The Anglo-Australian Telescope turns 35 on 16 October
11 Sept 2009 "Future Fellow" to sleuth galaxies' pasts
15 June 2009 Several hands carve space "sculptures"
1 April 2009 6dF Galaxy Survey maps where matter lurks (pdf version)
January 2009 First supernova using Gemini laser guide star adaptive optics
3 April 2008 Giant galaxy trawl nets astronomers prize
20 Dec 2007 UN proclaims 2009 the International Year of Astronomy
29 Nov 2007 Astronomers see galaxy ancestors shine
22 Aug 2007 Australian telescope helps Google reach for the Sky
22 May 2007 Astronomer wins award "to make sky dark"
14 Dec 2006 Astronomers find more lights for their Christmas tree
5 Oct 2006 Largest-ever all-sky 3D map of galaxies
4 May 2006 Aussies explain why dying star sent mixed messages
10 Feb 2006 Star Treks: the untold story
22 Dec 2005 Star near Southern Cross is 'ringing'
11 Aug 2005 Gemini observations of NGC 300
23 Jun 2005
AAO Telescopes watch Deep Impact crash
12 Jan 2005
Galaxy patterns reveal missing link to Big Bang
5 Nov 2004
Large Observing Programs on the AAT - Call for Express/ARCHIVEDions of Interest
26 Oct 2004
AAO Engineer receives University's highest distinction
17 Oct 2004
Launch of Fred Watson's book, Stargazer -- The Life and Times of the Telescope
16 Sep 2004 Anglo Australian Planet Search announces 5 new extrasolar planets detected
16 Sep 2004 Radical Antarctic telescope could outdo Hubble
23 Jul 2004 Australian and UK Schools get top New Telescope
02 Apr 2004 Astronomers discover dozens of mini-galaxies
29 Jan 2004 'Star Chant' - First Sydney Performance
21 Jan 2004 'Star Chant' Sky Voyage - Sydney 22 January
18 Sep 2003
New director for Anglo-Australian Observatory
28 Aug2003
Astronomers hunt Martian water from Earth
22 Jul 2003
Astronomer Fred Watson wins Communication Award
03 Jul 2003
Jupiter-like planet found around nearby star
02 Jun 2003
RAVE to reveal Galaxy's history
11 Oct 2002 New 'eye' for infrared astronomy wins award
12 Jun 2002 New found planetary system starts to look like home
17 May2002 Gamma-Ray Burst mystery solved: exploding stars the culprit
17 Apr 2002 Presentations to mark the end of 2dF redshift survey observing
11 Apr 2002 'Dark Matter' can't be all neutrinos, Galaxy survey shows
21 Mar2002 New evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating
15 Feb 2002 The Minister for Science visits the AAO
11 Dec 2001 Astronomers pin down dark matter distribution
16 Oct 2001 Astronomers close in on Solar System's 'siblings'
05 Jul 2001 Our Galaxy's sister is a cannibal
01 Jun 2001 Gift of galaxies will fuel new findings
03 Apr 2001 Cosmic Beacons trace the map of Creation
08 Mar2001 Universe weighed and 'found wanting'
01 Mar2001 Star formation may spread 'like a bushfire'
30 Jan 2001 Astronomers take the pulse of a Sun-like star
09 Jan 2001 New Wide-Field Imager for Astronomy Launched
05 Jan 2001 Astronomers surprised by 'STACKS' of Star-Making stuff near a Young Galaxy
11 Dec 2000 AAT Finds New Planets
5 May 2000 2dF Movie: Cosmic census shapes a trip through the Universe
28 Jun 1999 AAO Astronomers feature in new book
7 May 1999 Brown Dwarfs may have weather patterns
16 Apr 1999 First system of multiple planets found around a Sun-like star
2 Mar 1999 Southern Cosmic Census creates the largest map of the Universe
14 Jan 1999 Quasar Starburst
24 Nov1998 Hubble Deep Field South
11 Nov1998 Leonid Meteor Shower
31 Jul 1998 A Clue to the Origin of Life
14 Jul 1998 The Fate of Our Sun?
23 Jun 1998 AAO to Build Fibre Positioner for the Very Large Telescope
08 May1998 Aussies first to see likely black hole birth
14 Jan 1998 Comet Hale Bopp's elegant neckline
10 Nov1997 Shortcut to understanding the Universe
20 Oct 1997 AAO helps to point Hubble Space Telescope
09 Jul 1997 Cool Customer May Hold Key to Dark Universe
02 Jul 1996 New capabilities for the Anglo-Australian Telescope
06 Mar1996 First results from study of the Hubble Deep Field
06 Jul 1994 Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 - Collision with Jupiter
20 Oct 1993 Prestigious engineering award for the AAO
15 Apr 1993 The meaning of the ripples
21 Jan 1993 Australian Antarctic astronomy
07 Jan 1993 Hot massive young stars
21 Jan 1991 2dF developments continue

New vision for AAT

New wide field capability for the Anglo-Australian Telescope