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AAO Press Releases and Announcements

Date Title
23 Sep 2013 Dating our Galaxy's dormant volcano
24 Apr 2013 A photo exhibition at Sydney Observatory: Stories from Siding Spring Observatory
12 Apr 2013
RAVE-ing astronomers write Galaxy's secret history
14 Feb 2013 Astronomers back to work at Siding Spring
01 Nov 2012 PM Science Prize winner to measure a million stars
24 Oct 2012 Potato chip mirror a thing of perfection
23 Oct 2012 Galaxies in the thick of it grow up fast
10 Sep 2012 Stars missing in action now counted
23 Aug 2012 A 2dF night at the Anglo-Australian Telescope: new timelapse
20 Jun 2012 Talk by Nobel Laureate Prof. Brian Schmidt: The Accelerating Universe
30 Dec 2011 Giant star-jet spotted
26 July 2011 A new way to measure the expansion of the Universe
19 May 2011 Dark Energy is real
24 Feb 2011 Hungry black hole destroys its own dinner
14 Feb 2011 Astronomers dig up a 'buried dwarf'
8 Dec 2010 Even real stars wear bling
18 Oct 2010 NASA rolls out red carpet for Aussie comet finder
7 Oct 2010 'Living fossils' of space debunk star-formation route
13 June 2010 Astronomers bid farewell to Old England
9 April 2010 Galaxy Genome Project set to roll

The press releases pre-2010 can be found on our archived press releases webpage.

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David Malin
Email: dfm@aao.gov.au

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