Reproduction rights

AAO image copyright and reproduction information

The copyright in all Anglo-Australian Telescope (prefix AAT) and United Kingdom Schmidt Telescope (prefix UKS) pictures is owned by Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), successor to the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Also here are images derived from material sourced from other telescopes (mainly the Isaac Newton Telescope, prefix INT), and normal camera images (prefixed MISC) where the images were created using AAO facilities.

Image use policy
The images accessible from this site may be used freely for personal web sites, for presentations and for non-commercial educational purposes, subject to the following conditions.

  • The images must credited appropriately. Where the burned-in credit line is legible, that is sufficient, otherwise please use the credit lines beneath each image, and where the images are used on a website, please include a hotlink back to the original image page or the AAO images main page.

  • The images must not be used in any way that implies AAO endorsement of any service, product, political party, organisation, entity, religious belief etc., and the site must not display or promote material that could be construed as distasteful or offensive.

  • Copyright of images and caption text remains the property of the AAO or David Malin and is not transferable to third parties.
Commercial reproduction of images
Copyright and permissions issues for all the images referred to above are managed on behalf of the AAO by David Malin Images (DMI). Permission to publish any of the photographs and appropriate high resolution files may be obtained by contacting DMI. All high resolutions files are supplied without burned-in credit information, but must be credited where used (see below).

Credit lines
AAT photographs: © Australian Astronomical Observatory and (optionally) Photograph by David Malin from AAT plates.

UKS photographs: © Australian Astronomical Observatory and (optionally) Photograph by David Malin from UKST plates.

MISC photographs: © Australian Astronomical Observatory and (optionally) Photograph by David Malin.

INT photographs: © Malin/IAC/RGO and (optionally) Photograph by David Malin.

For more information, please contact David Malin Images

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