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David Malin publications -- General Articles and Books

Books and contributions to monographs and collected works


Catalogue of the Universe by Paul Murdin, David Allen and David Malin.
Cambridge University Press (Crown Publishing edition in the USA) 1979, 288pp
(2nd edition, 1980).
Catlogo dell'universo Editori Riuniti (Catalogue of the Universe, Italian edition, 1981)

Colours of the Stars by David Malin and Paul Murdin, Cambridge University Press 1984, pp198.
Couleurs des Étoiles Masson, Paris 1986. (Colours of the Stars, French edition)
Farbige Welt der Sterne CH Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim 1986. (Colours of the Stars, German edition)

A View of the Universe by David Malin. Cambridge University Press 1993, pp 264.
Blick ins Weltall Franckh-Kosmos, Stuttgart 1994 (A View of the Universe, German edition)

Astronomical Objects for Southern Telescopes by E.J. Hartung.
Revised and illustrated by David Malin and David Frew.
Melbourne University Press, 1995, pp 448.

Explorers of the Southern Sky: A History of Astronomy in Australia
R. and R.F. Haynes, D.F. Malin, R.X. McGee. Cambridge University Press, 1996, pp 527.

Night Skies: the Art of Deep Space by David Malin and Eileen Slarke.
Catalogue of the Night Skies exhibition, British Council, Sydney, 1997

Deep Sky Object by David Malin
Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing Co., Tokyo, 2000, pp 108. (in Japanese)

The Invisible Universe by David Malin
Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown and Company, (Time-Warner Art Books) New York, 1999, pp 134. ISBN 0-8212-2628-2.
L'Universo Invisible, Invisible Universe, Italian edition, translated by Gabriele Vanin, Mondadori, Milan, 1999, ISBN88-04-47141-7
L'Universe Invisible, Invisible Universe, French edition, translated by Nelly Zeitlin, Editions E/P/A Hachette Livre, Paris, 2000, ISBN2-85-120565-X
Das Unsichtbare Universum, Invisible Universe, German edition, translated by Marianne Kurda, GEO/Nicolai Velag, Berlin, 2000, ISBN3-87584-022-4
Invisible Universe, Japanese edition, Newton Press, Tokyo, 1999, ISBN4-315-51565-5

Heaven and Earth: unseen by the naked eye
Phaidon Press, London 2002. ISBN 0-7148-4280-X (several editions and languages)
David Malin was science adviser to the publisher and wrote the Introduction.

The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography 4th edition. Focal Press/Elsevier, Burlington, MA 2007, ISBN 978-0-240-80740-9
David Malin was commissioning editor for the Scientific Imaging section.

Ancient light: A portrait of the Universe
Phaidon Press, London 2009. ISBN 9780714849324

Gems of the Southern Sky: A Photographic Anthology
by Robert Gendler, Hans Christensen and David Malin.
Springer, New York, 2011. ISBN 9780714849324

Celebrating the AAO, past, present and future
The proceedings of a symposium held in Coonabarabran June 21-25, 2010.
Editors Russell Cannon and David Malin.
Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Canberra 2011.
ISBN 9781921916045

A View of the Universe and Hartung's Astronomical Objects for Southern Telescopes are available from Sky Publishing Corporation in the USA and Cambridge University Press in the UK and USA.

Contributions to collected works

Twenty three articles for The Astronomy Encyclopaedia, Patrick Moore, editor. Mitchell Beazley, London, 1987.

Astronomical Photography under the Microscope by David Malin.
Contributed chapter for Today's Science Tomorrow's Technology
Brennan and Millar, Eds. Pergamon Press, Sydney 1989. pp83-104

The Astronomical Photography of Gerard de Vaucouleurs by David Malin.
Contributed chapter to A Life for Astronomy, M. Capaccioli and H.G. Corwin, editors,
World Scientific Publishing Co., Singapore, 1989. pp 53-64. (Publication in
commemoration of the 70th birthday of Professor Gerard de Vaucouleurs)

The Disappearance of the Night Sky by David Malin.
Contributed chapter in The Vanishing Universe D. McNally, ed. Cambridge University Press 1994. pp. 117-126.

Astronomy from Wide-Field Imaging (proceedings of IAU Symposium 161). Editors H.T.
MacGillivray, E.B. Thompson, B.M Lasker, I.N. Reid, D.F. Malin, R.M. West and
H .Lorenz, Kluwer, Dordrecht 1994.

Colour and Light in Astronomy and Photography and the Birth of Astrophysics.
Two Chapters for Light, a book edited by Jenny Nicholls and Richard Collins,
Published by the Science Foundation for Physics, Sydney 1997.

The Milky Way and Galaxies, chapters in The Universe Revealed (General Editor Pam Spence), Mitchell Beazley, London 1998

Astronomical Color Photography by D.F. Malin, in McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 7th ed., McGraw-Hill, New York 1999.

Symmetry and Colour in Art and Science contributed piece for Intersections in Art and ScienceSymmetry: Art and Science, Quarterly Journal of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry (ISIS - Symmetry). 1-2 2001, 106-110.

Introduction to Images in Science exhibition catalogue,
Rochester Institute of Technology 2002. Cary Graphic Arts Press, ISBN 0-9713459-9-6.

Images from the Universe in
Images from Science Karolinska University Press 2003 (Ed. Lennart Moller)

Introduction to Heaven and Earth: unseen by the naked eye
Phaidon Press, London 2002. ISBN 0-7148-4280-X

David Malin on astronomical imaging in Massive Change, (editors Bruce Mau and Jennifer Leonard) Phaidon Press, 2004. ISBN0-7148-4401-2

General articles and reviews in serials, magazines

Crystal Gazing Geigy Circle No. 8, 16-20, June 1966 (Geigy Company house magazine)

The Stereoscan in Geigy Geigy Circle No. 20, 16-20, January 1970

A New Look at Southern Skies Text by Simon Mitton, pictures by David Malin.
Illustrated London News 265 No. 6953, 39-42 (1977)

The Stars-by AAT Illustrations by David Malin.
North West and Hunter Magazine 15 May 1978

Astrophotography with Unsharp Masking (with W.J. Zealey)
Sky and Telescope 57 No. 4, 354-359 (1979)

Unsharp Masking
J. Astron. Soc. of Pacific, (Mercury) 8 No. 4, 89-93 (1979)

Exploring the image Astronomy (USA) 7 No. 11, 16-23 (1979)

The southern skies explored Astronomy (USA) 8 No. 2, 4-14 (1980)

The colors of deep space Astronomy (USA) 8 No. 3, 6-13 (1980)

Capturing ancient light Illum. Eng. Soc. Austral. Rev., 42 No. 4, 100-103 (1980)

Australia's window to the UniverseSundowner October 1980, 42-49 & 98

Astronomical Photography - a Very Peculiar Business
The Southern Sky, a CSIRO Publication, February 1981

Improved techniques for astrophotography Sky and Telescope 62 4-7, July 1981

The deep sky in color Sky and Telescope 62 216-219, September 1981

The Orion Nebula in color Sky and Telescope 62 414-417, November 1981

A look at some unstable starsSky and Telescope 63 22-26, January 1981

The dust clouds of Sagittarius Sky and Telescope 63 254-259, March 1982

A View of the Universe: the story of the AAT, Compiled by David Allen and David Malin.
Published by the Anglo-Australian Telescope Board, 1981.

Searching the southern skies Australian Natural History 20 No. 9, 285-289 (1982)

Der Orionnebel in Farbe
(translation ofThe Orion Nebula in Color)Sterne und Weltraum 21 295-298 (1982)

Uber einige unstabile Sterne
(translation of A look at some unstable stars) Sterne and Weltraum 22 118-122 (1983)

Shooting Stars Qantas Inflight Magazine, 6-10, March/April 1986

In Search of Star Colors Sky and Telescope 72 326-330, October 1986

The Splendor of Eta Carinae Sky and Telescope 73 14-18, January 1987

Advanced techniques for astronomical photography
Additive colour photography in astronomy
Temmon Gaido, Tokyo, pp133-148, December 1986, (in Japanese)

Structures in the Gas Tail of Comet Halley.
Picture and caption by David Malin. Nature 320 577 (1986)

Splendors of the Universe Slides and caption notes by David Malin.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, 1986

More Anglo-Australian Telescope Photographs from David Malin
J. Astron. Soc. of Pacific, (Mercury) 16 48-54, March/April 1987

Review of Micheal Covington's Astrophotography for the Amateur (C.U.P. 1985)
The Observatory 106 126-127 (1986)

More about Star Colours Letter to the Editor Sky and Telescope 74 358, April 1987

In the Shadow of the Horsehead Nebula Sky and Telescope 74 253-257, September 1987

Report of a contribution to meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society on the occasion
of the presentation of the Jackson-Gwilt Medal and Gift to David Malin on 1987 May 8.
The Observatory 107 231-232 (1987)

Things to See and Do in the Dark J. Brit. astron. Assoc. 97 288-290, August 1987

Review of Catalogue of Southern Peculiar Galaxies and Associations.
by H.C Arp and B.F. Madore, J. Brit. astron. Assoc. 97 295, August 1987

The Developing Art of Star Photography New Scientist 120 23-28, December 17, 1988

NGC 3576 and 3603 in Carina Sky and Telescope 78 144-145, August 1989

Star Trails and Quantum Leaping: Astronomy for new Audiences An Audio-Visual production by David Malin and Martin Wesley-Smith. In Newsletter of the Australian Astronomy and Space Liason Group,
Nick Lomb, editor, No. 15, March, 1989, pp51-53

Review of A Manual of Advanced Celestial Photography , By B.D. Wallis and R.W Provin,
(CUP 1988). The Observatory 109 125-127 (1989)

Echoes of the Supernova (with David Allen) Sky and Telescope 79 22-25, January 1990

Deep Space Photography in Guide to Australian Astronomy,
Ed. Jon Fairall, Federal Publishing Co., pp56-67, July 1989

Peculiar galaxies I have known Southern Astronomy 2 20-27 (1990)

Photographing the colours of the stars Australian Geographic, pp103, Issue 19, July 1990

Review of Timothy Ferris's book Galaxies broadcast by ABC Radio's 'Science Bookshop', April 17, 1990

Letter in The Australian 14 September 1990 regarding comments on a published star trails
picture which appeared in The Australian on 4 September 1990

Beeldbewerking in de astrophotographie Zenit, (Utrecht) Dutch astronomy magazine, 1/91, pp4-13. (Translation of An Integrated system of Astronomical Photography Part II: Extracting the Image, that first appeared in Eastman Kodak's Tech Bits Magazine, Issue 1, 1990 pp1-10)

A Celebration of Colour in Astronomy A complete issue of Current Science 60 No. 1, 5-32 (1991) Published by the Indian Academy of Sciences

Des geschiedenis van de astrofotografieZenit, (Utrecht) Dutch astronomy magazine, 1/92, pp4-11

A Night and a day with David Malin Popular Astronomy, April, 1992. p30

Astronomy in Colour Astronomy Now , May 1992. p7

Kleurrijk heelal Zenit, (Utrecht) Dutch astronomy magazine, 5/92, pp196-203

A review of Beyond Southern Skies by Peter Robinson, (CUP 1992) in Southern Astronomy

Den Mörka Nätters Fargfyrværkeri
Illustreret Videnskab (Copenhagen) No. 11, November 1992, pp67-71, 80

De Stereenhemel is kleurrijker dan iedereen denkt Kijk Magazine, Netherlands, Jan 1993, pp34-39

Images of the CG4 cometary globule Sky and Telescope 86 (1) 36-37, July 1993

Discovering the Color of the Crab Nebula (with Jay Pasachoff).
Sky and Telescope 86 (1) 43-46, July 1993

A Universe of Color Scientific American 269 72-77 1993

Images of NGC 1365 in Fornax Sky and Telescope 88 (4) 40-1, October 1994

The Vela Supernova Remnant Sky and Telescope 88 (5) 48-9, November 1994

Images of the Antenna galaxy in Corvus Sky and Telescope 88 (6) 42-3, December 1994

David Allen, an Obituary The Observatory, 114 250-52

An Obituary of David Allen. Q.J. Roy. astron. Soc., in press

David Allen--An Appreciation. Publ. Astron Soc Aus. 12 139-141, April 1995

Images of NGC 6188 and 6193 in Ara Sky and Telescope 89 (3) 52-53, March, 1995

The Nebula Around 30 Doradus Sky and Telescope 89 (6) 32-32, June, 1995

A Faint Planetary Nebula--Ack 277.7-03.5. Sky and Telescope 90 (1) 37, July, 1995

Les Galaxies Fantômes Ciel et Espace, 58-63, No. 309, January 1996

The Sculptor Group Galaxy NGC 253 Sky and Telescope 91 (5) 20-21, May, 1996

À la rencontre des galaxies à coquilles Ciel et Espace, 66-71, No. 315, July 1996

Review of High Resolution Astrophotography by J. Dragesco, in Observatory 116 1996

Illuminating a Complex Issue Sky&Telescope Jan 1997 810

Merkwaardige Sterrenstelsels Zenit, (Utrecht) Dutch astronomy magazine, 100105 3/98

The Big Questions The Times of India Educational Supplement April 12, 1999, p7

A Classic Reborn Southern Astronomy, (Sky&Space publishing) Issue 5, pp3234, 1999

A Fitting Rival of Ares. Sky and Telescope 98 (1) 58, July, 1999

Orion's Subtle Splendor Sky and Telescope 99 (3) 58, March, 2000 Review of Count Rumford by G. I. Brown (Sutton Publishing, UK 1999) in The Physicist, 37, September, 2000, p182

The Visualisation of Space: Art, Science and Technology contributed piece for the catalogue for Space Odyssey, an exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center, Mito Japan, 27-31 (2001)

The Fox Fur nebula, Sky and Telescope 102 (2) 52, August 2001

Symmetry and Colour in Art and Science contributed piece for Intersections in Art and ScienceSymmetry: Art and Science, Quarterly Journal of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry (ISIS - Symmetry). 1-22001, 106-110.

Slide sets

Published by the The Armagh Planetarium Armagh, Northern Ireland.
Photographs, text and captions by David Malin.

Stars and Galaxies I 30-Slide set of AAT photographs, 1983.
Stars and Galaxies II 24-Slide set of AAT photographs, 1988.
Stellar Camera 24-Slide set of UK Schmidt photographs, 1988.
Stars and Galaxies III 24-Slide set of AAT photographs, 1993.
Stars and Galaxies IV 24-Slide set of AAT photographs, 1996.

Published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific San Francisco.
Photographs, text and captions by David Malin.

Splendors of the Universe I. 15-slide set of AAT photographs, 1986.
Splendors of the Universe II. 15-slide set of AAT photographs,1990.
Splendors of the Universe III 15-slide set of UKST photographs, 1990.
Splendors of the Universe IV. 15-slide set of AAT photographs,1993.
Splendors of the Universe V. 15-slide set of AAT photographs, 1990.

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