The Colours of the Stars

by David Malin and Paul Murdin

The Colours of the Stars
The art of photography and the science of astronomy have been inseparable for over 100 years. Colours of the stars uses spectacular photography to show the colours of stars galaxies and nebulae. The text explains what the colours mean and how they tell us of the temperature of the stars, the structure of distant galaxies and physics and chemistry of nearby nebulae where stars are forming. There are clear practical explanations of all the photographic techniques and an account is provided of the fruitful history of photography in astronomy

Cambridge University Press 1984
ISBN 0-521-25714-X
Couleurs des Étoiles Masson, Paris 1986. (Colours of the Stars, French edition)
Farbige Welt der Sterne CH Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim 1986. (Colours of the Stars, German edition)


Colours of the stars
Photography and colour
Dust clouds of Sagittarius
Changing colours of the stars
Nebulae from Stars
Stars from nebulae
Starlight and dust
Colours of the galaxies
Red-shift, blue-shift
Appendix 1 -- Image manipulation
Appendix II -- Additive colour photography

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