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Australian Astronomical Observatory

Client Service Charter


Who We Are

The Australian Astronomical Observatory consists of the 3.9-metre Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) and the 1.2-metre UK Schmidt Telescope (UKST) on Siding Spring Mountain, outside Coonabarabran, NSW, and a headquarters facility and instrumentation laboratory in the Sydney suburb of Eastwood.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of the Australian Astronomical Observatory is to provide world-class optical and infrared observing facilities enabling Australian and other astronomers to do excellent science.

Our Clients

Our clients are the astronomers who are awarded observing time through competitive processes on Australian Astronomical Observatory telescopes.


This Charter sets out our commitments towards the service we will provide to you. It also sets out what you can do to make sure you get the best possible outcome from your observing run.

The Observatory is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of its services. We will monitor our performance in meeting the commitments set out in this Charter and change it as necessary. Your suggestions for improvement would be valued.

The AAO will report on its performance in its Annual Report.

If you have a complaint

If you have a problem or a complaint, please let the Director know of your concerns and, if possible, how you think improvements might be made. You can phone on +61 2 9372 4812, fax on +61 2 9372 4880 or email: director@aao.gov.au.

What you can expect from us


Telescope Operations


Data Exploitation

General Working Environment


What we would like you to do