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Taurus II

AAT Instrument. Taurus II is a decommissioned instrument and is no longer offered or supported at the AAT. The following information is provided for historical completeness.

In Brief: Taurus is a highly flexible imaging Fabry-Perot interferometer which has several different modes of operation. These include conventional wide field imaging, 3D spectral line mapping, the Faint Object Polarimeter, low resolution long slit and multi-slit spectroscopy, and the Taurus Tunable Filter.
Instrument Scientist: No Instrument Scientist at present. Contact Head of Astronomy for information.
Manual: Online manuals are now available for the following modes of Taurus operation:
Taurus Tunable Filter - narrow band imaging
Taurus ++ - low dispersion multi-slit spectrsocopy
Taurus Polarimetry Imaging polarimetry
Other Info: Taurus Homepage contains more general information on Taurus

Fact Sheet:

Detector: Tek 1K, MITLL 2Kx4K
Focal Station: Mounted at Cassegrain f/8 or f/15
Spectral Resolution*: There exists a wide range of visiting and in-house etalons that we have access to.
Wavelength Coverage: 3700Å - 1 micron
*Spectral Resolution R measured as lambda/delta_lambda, delta_lambda = FWHM unresolved line, usually 2 pixels.