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AAO Observing Information

Obtaining observing time on the AAT, Gemini, and Magellan telescopes:

The following links contain general information which may be useful to observers preparing proposals, or preparing for an observing run:

Things to do before, during, and after your AAT observing run
Travel and Accommodation
Travel and Accommodation support for Australian AAT observers
AAO Support Astronomer Guidelines
AAT Schedule and UKST Schedule
Instrument capabilities and sensitivities
Online signal-to-noise calculators
AAO Instrument Scientists
AAT Archive and Observing Logs
AAO Observer's Report Form
Current Weather at the AAT
Australian Weather Resources
Moon phases, twilight times, etc. for SSO
Skycalc on the WWW (Object seasonal observability, daily almanac, hourly airmass tables, etc.)
Convert Coordinates (NED)
Optical/UV Spectrophotometric Standard Stars (ESO)
Near-infrared Standard Stars (UKIRT)

The following links are provided mainly for historical purposes, as much of their content is now severely out of date:

AAO Observers' Guide (5th Ed.)
AAO Manuals

In addition you may want to peruse the AAO's Client Service Charter.

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