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AAO Instrument Scientists

Instrument Abbrev. Focal Station Top End Instrument Scientist email (@aao.gov.au)
2 degree Field + AAOmega Spectrograph 2dF  Prime Focus 2dF top end Sarah Brough sarah.brough
KOALA IFU + AAOmega Spectrograph KOALA  Cassegrain f/8 Andy Green andrew.green
2 degree Field + HERMES Spectrograph HERMES  Prime Focus 2dF top end Gayandhi de Silva gayandhi.desilva
InfraRed Imager & Spectrograph 2 IRIS2 Cassegrain f/8 Chris Lidman chris.lidman
University College London Echelle Spectrograph UCLES Coudé f/36 Gayandhi de Silva gayandhi.desilva
UCLES + CYCLOPS2 fibre feed CYCLOPS2 Cassegrain f/8 Gayandhi de Silva gayandhi.desilva
Ultra High Resolution Facility UHRF Coudé f/36 Gayandhi de Silva gayandhi.desilva

For contact information on instruments other than those listed above (eg. decomissioned instruments) please contact the Head of AAT Science, Andrew Hopkins (andrew.hopkins -@- aao.gov.au).

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Sarah Martell, aatts -@- aao.gov.au