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Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Awards 2013 Finalist

Nemanja Jovanovic, AAO/Macquarie ()

"Integrated photonic pupil remapping for stellar interferometry"

Abstract. I will discuss the latest results and status of the Dragonfly project which is the application of integrated photonics to single-telescope interferometry. In particular I will focus on the development of a monolithic pupil remapper, which is used to spatially sample the pupil plane and then re-route this to a non-redundant array in order to perform the interferometry downstream. The device has recently seen first light in the lab, producing exquisite fringes. Such a compact and robust interferometer promises to be a powerful tool for studying young star systems as well as hunting for exoplanets.

Held in the AAO Conference room at 03:30 PM on Thursday, 16 December 2010