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Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Awards 2013 Finalist

Gerald Cecil (University of North Carolina)

"SAMI probes inner disk-galaxy kinematics"

Abstract. Radial velocity maps of disk galaxies often indicate patterns of non-circular streaming, sometimes misinterpreted as radial flows. If these motions are small enough, one can measure accurately galaxy rotation as a first step toward the mass distribution. The SAMI galaxy survey probes within ~6 kpc radius, rarely past peak rotational velocity, so it would seem cannot constrain dark matter/MOND. However, there have been no prior IFU surveys of SAMI's scope, so the discovery space is large. To assess SAMI's potential here, I identified ~110 disks with sufficient warm gas to track motions. Rotational peak amplitudes down to 40 km/s have been extracted with +-1-sigma uncertainties as small as 1.5 km/s. I have quantified the amplitude of bar/oval distortions of this sample to isolate the rotational component. I will outline my analysis procedure and its automation to tackle the full SAMI dataset efficiently, results to date, and expectations on disk dynamics from the full survey. If you are interested in using SAMI, behind closed doors I will reveal some of the horrors.

Held in the AAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2) at 11:00 AM on Monday, 16 December 2013