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Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Awards 2013 Finalist

Claudia Lagos (ESO)

"Neutral Gas in Galaxies: the interstellar medium and outflows"

Abstract. In this talk I will summarise the main developments of the last years in the modelling of neutral gas in cosmological models of galaxy formation and evolution, which has allowed the distinction between atomic and molecular gas in the interstellar medium and realistic models of star formation and feedback to be incorporated. This modelling has allowed, for example, to reconcile the weak evolution in the atomic hydrogen cosmic density with the strong evolution in star formation rate, and the interpretation of scaling relations between the neutral gas and other galaxy components. In addition to this, through a hydrodynamic description of the growth of supernovae driven bubbles in this multi-phase interstellar medium, we are able to predict outflow rates and velocities in good agreement with those observed in the local and high-redshift Universe. I will discuss the impact of the latter results for the upcoming IFU and HI surveys.

Held in the AAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2) at 11:00 AM on Friday, 29 November 2013