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Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Awards 2013 Finalist

Jesus Falcon Barroso (IAC)

"The stellar angular momentum across the Hubble Sequence: a tale from different IFU surveys"

Abstract. In this presentation I will give an overview of the stellar angular momentum of galaxies across the Hubble sequence as observed by the ongoing CALIFA Survey. I will present a morphologically unbiased account of the stellar angular momentum distribution in ~200 nearby galaxies, and compare it with the Atlas3D Survey of early-type galaxies. As the CALIFA Survey at the same time includes lenticular and spiral galaxies, we are in the unique position to (dis)prove whether lenticular galaxies are kinematically compatible with being faded spiral galaxies. In fact we have found a group of spiral galaxies where this scenario does not hold. I will report what it's so special about this group of galaxies and possible paths for the formation and evolution across the Color-Magnitude diagram.

Held in the AAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2) at 11:30 AM on Thursday, 29 August 2013