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Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Awards 2013 Finalist

Rogier Windhorst (Arizona State University)

"Lessons learned from JWST: What is required to make Mega-Science projects succeed?"

Abstract. In this talk, I'll review some of the main lessons learned from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project thus far. These include scientific lessons and the relationship with the astronomical community, some of the main technical, budget and schedule lessons, as well as political lessons related to outreach to the US government and the general public.

I will summarize some of the aspects needed to make a big science project succeed, what is needed to assure that it does not snuff out other science projects, and what risks may remain to get to the launchpad and beyond.

Finally, I will summarize the critical complementary role that the new 20-30 meter class ground-based telescopes and the 6.5 meter JWST in L2 will play this next decade, as the 8-10 meter ground-based telescopes and the 2.4 meter Hubble have so successfully done in the last two decades.

Held in the AAO Large Meeting Room (Room 1, Ground Floor, Building 3) at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, 31 July 2013