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Colloquia and Talks at the AAO/ATNF Epping.

Note: We have moved to our new location in North Ryde. Due to security procedures at the new building, attendees must notify us of their intent so building security can generate temporary passes. Please use the "I plan to attend" link below

The AAO organises frequent colloquia at our North Ryde headquarters. These are usually held Thursday morning at 11:00 am, though other dates are occasionally scheduled. We welcome talks from visiting astronomers - if you are passing through Sydney and would like to tell us about your work, please contact the AAO colloquium organiser at (colloquia@aao.gov.au). The ATNF (Australia Telescope National Facility) also organises colloquia at their Epping offices. A schedule for these talks can be found on the ATNF Colloquia webpage. The AAO and ATNF occasionally organise Joint Colloquia when the speaker is likely to be of interest to both radio and optical communities. These talks will be found in both the list below, and the ATNF schedule. A list of past speakers can also be found below.

Informal Seminars

As well as the more formal colloquia described above, there are a number of informal discussion groups which meet regularly on the ATNF/Radiophysics/AAO grounds. All are welcome to these discussions.

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