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Overrides at the AAT

Override policy

Applications for overrides should be submitted to the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC) in the same way as other applications. They will be assessed on scientific merit in the normal way. An override can take several different forms. The most obvious is an observation of a target of opportunity (ToO). This is defined as any observation where the notice given to the AAO and the scheduled observers is likely to be short. Applications for such projects should be submitted in the usual way, explaining why the science can only be done in this fashion. However, any other short observation requiring less than half a night may also be treated by the AAO as an override. Therefore, a scheduled observation requiring two hours after twilight for three consecutive nights is also treated as an override. In this case though, the scheduled observers will know in advance, and compensation is normally given for the time lost.

The following special rules apply to all override projects:

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