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Current (and retired) AAT and UKST Instruments

Information on the instrumentation available for use on each telescope is provided below. The links will lead you to general information about the instrument, including useful material for proposal preparation (e.g., instrument capabilities and sensitivities), and the relevant User's Manual. The Observing webpages give more information about applying for time on these telescopes and the AAO Observer's Guide provides a (somewhat dated) overview of the AAO and its facilities.

General Information


A wide selection of broad-band and narrow-band filters is available, and can be shared between AAO instruments.


All detectors are now operated with the AAO-2 controllers. The MITLL3 and EEV2 CCD pages give details on the performance of these detectors with UCLES and UHRF with the old controllers. See the CCD Performance with the AAO-2 Controllers page for latest details on performance of the EEV2 and MITLL3 detectors on UCLES/UHRF.

Current AAT Instruments

Decommissioned AAT Instruments and Detectors

The following instruments are no longer available for use at the AAT. Links to the instrument documentation are maintained to assist with the reduction of archive data.

Current UKST Instruments

Decommissioned UKST Instruments