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Department of Industry

The Australian Astronomical Observatory is a division of the Department of Industry.
How to contact the Department


The AAO has three main physical locations: the Anglo-Australian Telescope and the UK-Schmidt Telescope which are both on Siding Spring Mountain in north-western New South Wales, and an office/laboratory in the Sydney suburb of North Ryde.

North Ryde Office (Sydney) -

Getting to the North Ryde office

Mailing Address Street Address

PO Box 915
North Ryde NSW 1670

105 Delhi Rd
North Ryde NSW 2113

Domestic: (02) 9372 4800
International: +61 2 9372 4800

Domestic: (02) 9372 4880
International: +61 2 9372 4880

Anglo-Australian or UK Schmidt Telescopes -

Getting to the Telescopes

Mailing and Street Addresses Fax Numbers

Anglo-Australian (or UK Schmidt) Telescope
Siding Spring Observatory
Coonabarabran NSW 2357

Fax (AAT)
Domestic: (02) 6842 2266
International: +61 2 6842 2266

Domestic: (02) 6842 6291
International: +61 2 6842 6291

Fax (UKST)
Domestic: (02) 6842 2288
International: +61 2 6842 2288


The AAO is a compact organisation with less than one hundred staff. While the majority of the staff can be found in the North Ryde office, there are many, along with the itinerant astronomers, who are based at the telescopes.

The following pages may help you get quickly to the person you need to contact:

Staff members are encouraged to create and maintain their own web pages. To access any of these, please visit the lists of staff listed above.

Time Advisory Committees

External Committees

Plans, Policies and Procedures

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