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UKST Semester 2011A Schedule

  • Semester 2011A Version 1.1 in HTML.        Release date 3 May 2011. 
  • To obtain a plain text version, go to the HTML version and use your browser to 'Save as ...' and save the files as 'Text'.

Dear UKST user,

This letter accompanies the release of Version 1.1 (the second issued version) of the UKST observing schedule for Semester 11A. The schedule can be found on the WWW at http://www.aao.gov.au/ukst/ukst_sched11a.html. This schedule can now be considered official, and you can make travel arrangements based on it. Observers will be consulted about any change which may affect them.

Support Astronomer Guidelines : We also draw your attention to the Guidelines for AAO Support Astronomers released on the AAO WWW pages at www.aao.gov.au/astro/supguide.html These set out the services that AAO staff aim to provide visiting astronomers, and against which we can be graded in your Observer's Report Form at the end of your run (www.aao.gov.au/cgi-bin/make_obs_form).

Finally, all observers must read through the attached "Guidelines for UKST Observers" - they contain important information on how to get the most from your UKST observing time. Note that it is the responsibility of the principal contact named on your proposal to inform collaborators of their allocation and these guidelines.

Good Observing Paul Cass UKST scheduler cpc@aao.gov.au


Guidelines for UKST Observers

A "Must-do" Checklist

  1. Use only the WWW travel form (see below) to keep us informed of your plans. 
  2. Make contact with your support astronomer well in advance of your run. 
  3. Fill out your Observer's Report Form (see below) at the end of your last night.


An UKST observer is always provided at the telescope to undertake all aspects of 6dF observing. Visiting observers are required to ensure that their target lists are supplied to UKST about a week before the start of their run, in standard .fld format. On arrival at the telescope, visitors are asked to set-up/check the configurations created from the .fld files and to discuss the observing strategy with the duty observer. There will usually be the opportunity to reduce data using the 6dfdr package during the run.


Information about the 6dF instrument can be found on the WWW at : http://www.aao.gov.au/ukst/6df.html

Travel, Accommodation & Arriving at the UKST

The AAO is no longer able to offer a travel booking service. You can let us know of your plans by using the WWW forms available at http://www.aao.gov.au/admin/travelform.html. General travel information can be obtained at http://www.aao.gov.au/admin/travel.html. Changes to your travel should be notified to our Travel Officer (aatadmin@aao.gov.au).

A study desk, torch/flashlight, and UKST key will be allocated for your use at the telescope. If you arrive at night, the UKST building will be locked (though the ANU Lodge will not). You may phone the UKST observer from the Lodge to request admission (Tel : 02 6842 1622).

Observing Guidelines

  • You are strongly encouraged to arrive at the telescope one day prior to your observing run. The trip from Sydney can be a long one, and may not leave sufficient time to set-up for your run if you arrive on the day your run starts. 
  • If your required set-up changes from that which you originally proposed, it is essential that you contact the UKST scheduler (cpc@aao.gov.au) to inform him of the change. Significant changes made at the last minute may be difficult, or impossible, for the telescope staff to accommodate. 
  • Every observer should fill out an Observer's Report Form (http://www.aao.gov.au/cgi-bin/make_obs_form.) at the end of their last night. The information provided in these forms is vital to the continued improvement in the Observatory's facilities. 
  • Blank CDs for archiving your data will be made available free of charge. 
  • Observers must pay for their overseas telephone calls. Please settle debts with Rhonda Martin in the AAT Reception; the AAO accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and BANKCARD. These charges are separate from the accommodation charges payable to the ANU Lodge.

Safety at the UKST

On arrival at the UKST, you will receive a safety briefing.

Visits and Talks at Epping

We encourage observers to visit the AAO Laboratory in Epping, Sydney. In particular, we encourage visitors to present colloquia -- please contact Quentin Parker (qap@aao.gov.au) if you would like to give us a talk. Facilities available include a library, PCs and UNIX workstations running STARLINK, FIGARO, IDL, and IRAF software. Let us know your plans.

Preprints and Reprints

It is important that we maintain complete records of publications based on AAT and UKST observations. Please send two copies of preprints and reprints of published and conference papers to the Epping librarian (lib@aao.gov.au ). We also request an acknowledgement to the AAO in any publications which result from use of the facilities.

©Commonwealth of Australia 2011


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Paul Cass,  UKST Scheduler cpc@aao.gov.au

3 May 2011