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UKST Semester 2003A Schedule

  • Semester 2003A Version 1.2 in HTML.        Release date 26 June 2003. 
  • To obtain a plain text version, go to the HTML version and use your browser to 'Save as ...' and save the files as 'Text'.

Dear UKST user,

This letter accompanies the release of Version 1.0 of the UKST observing schedule for Semester 03A.

For those of you that have been awarded time by the TAGs, the UKST will provide full observing support for your run (i.e. 6dF robot operation and observing).

However, it is recommended that, where possible, successful applicants also attend the scheduled observations in order to run the 6dF data reduction pipeline and monitor data quality during the night.

Users will need to prepare their field configurations in advance using the configure program, also used for 2dF observations.

The 6dF configuration procedure is essentially identical to the 2dF procedure and full details may be obtained from the 2dF WWW pages:
and the configure program itself is available from

Please contact Paul Cass (cpc@aaocbn.aao.gov.au) if you have any further queries regarding the preparation for your run.

We ask that configured files (both .fld and .sds versions) be sent to the AAO/UKST (schmidt@aaocbn.aao.gov.au) at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the observing run.

We would also draw your attention to the AAO's client service charter: http://www.aao.gov.au/local/www/ljw/clientservicecharter which lists the areas of service that AAO staff aim to provide visiting astronomers. You are asked to assess our performace in these areas as part of your feedback form:

Further details on observing at the AAO (including travel and safety guidelines) may be obtained from:

Best regards
Brian Boyle, Director AAO.

©Anglo-Australian Observatory 2003, PO Box 296, Epping NSW 1710 Australia

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Paul Cass,  UKST Scheduler cpc@aaocbn.aao.gov.au

10 February 2003