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AAO Site Map

For first time visitors, this page gives an overview of what you will find on our site. Our site is for professional astronomers, amateur astronomers and those with an interest in astronomy. Under each page section I have added a "Designed for" line to help you navigate our web site.
Our site includes general information on the AAT and I especially recommend viewing David Malin's images.  We are currently making a page with information about the open times of the visitor centre at Siding Spring as well as a general public astronomy page.

Contact us (contacting the AAO)

Designed for: Anyone
Epping (AAO) and Coonabarabran (AAT) contact phone numbers
How to find the AAO and AAT
AAT Board and Advisory committee members
External committee members
ATAC Policy and Procedures, Corporate Plan and Client Service Charter
To find travel information for astronomers go to the Observing page.


Designed for: Anyone
Information on the AAO, UKST and UKST


Designed for: Anyone
Astronomy Links
Technolgy R & D

Instrumention (and documentation)

Designed for: Astronomers
Current AAT and UKST Instriments and Documentation
New and Completed Instruments
Technology R & D

Observing (at the AAT and UKST)

Designed for: Astronomers
Applying for AAO time
Applying for AAT service time
Applying for Gemini time
Travel and accommodation
AAT Schedule
UKST schedule
Instrument capabilities and sensitivies
AAO Instrument scientists
AAO Obervers' Guide (5th Ed)
AAO Manuals

Images (David Malin images)

Designed for: Anyone
David Malin images
Information about where to get slides, prints and posters
Reproduction conditions
Technical stuff