OzPoz Gallery

The OzPoz project started in May 1998 and has passed through a number of phases.
This image gallery shows progress and in particular presents images of the major components of the OzPoz fibre positioner as it is being manufactured.

The stages shown are:

Exchanger base being welded at Chess Engineering

What's new

Robot and Exchanger
Exchanging of Focal plates in progress

Robot and Exchanger
Robot on liter in upper position

Robot simulated working position
r-carriage with gripper and camera
Focal Plate to Telescope Alignment


Button placed on field plate
Detail   Locator 1 of  3

Theta with Dummy r-arm
Closer view of Theta with Dummy r-arm
Carriage on R-arm (test setup) with blue vacuum preload airbearings
 Carriage on R-arm from motor side
Detail Carriage


Succesful trial assembly of Exchanger structural components

Exchanger on a test frame acceptance tested and transported to the OzPoz laboratory at AAO

Design and Analysis

FEA model of Exchanger and its vibration modes analysed to qualify design for earthquake survival  (pdf)


Extended position (pdf)
Floating position (pdf)
Prototype gripper on the R drive ready for the 2 button test (pdf)

Production Photographs


Exchanger base ready for final welding

Indexing Mechanism

Camco indexer with double reduction gear

Bellow coupling

Indexer for driving Exchanger being tested for accuracy of rotation

Reflecting Zerodur cube mounted on indexer

Viewing reflection from a face of the cube with micro-alignment telescope
Note: The same technique will be used at the Exchanger sub-contractor's works for checking the accuracy of the set-up, before machining faces on the Exchanger revolver.

Focal Plate Holders

Focal plate mounting flanges pre-machined before welding into the revolver

Focal plate retainer welded


Top part of the revolver welded for stress relief

Revolver neck machined before welding into the revolver

Exchange - Revolver structure ready to machine

R-theta Robot

Theta drive components

R-drive components


Moulding Dies in the final stage of machining

Retractor housing mould machined on EDM

Robot Lifting Mechanism

Lifter in "down" position

Lifter in "up" position

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